303.5 CAT Mini Hydraulic Excavator







CAD$100 Flat rate delivery (each way)

Cat 303 5E2 Excavator

The excavator for optimal maneuvering and operation in small spaces

Work faster and cleaner with Cat mini excavator rentals from Whonnock Rentals Ltd in Maple Ridge. For a machine that performs powerful operations when space is tight, turn to the 303.5E2 CR Cat mini hydraulic excavator with swing boom. The swing boom allows you to work around existing structures like walls or foundations without damaging either the boom or the structure. You can also work the swing boom within narrow areas that the entire mini excavator can’t reach.

A Power-Efficient Model for Precise Digging

The 303.5E2 CR Cat mini excavator has a high-definition hydraulic system with load-sensing and flow-sharing capability so that when you dig, you save input power that might otherwise be lost to heat. Since a load-sensing pump control system detects the amount of pressure during operation and adjusts the flow level accordingly, you don’t lose extra energy to producing heat. All of your power will go into completing the task at hand.

There are no fuel charges. There is a flat-rate delivery fee of $100 each way. Like most Cat mini excavators, this model also comes with a variety of attachments for specialized tasks. A day rental includes an 8-hour work period. A weekly rental includes a 40-hour work time.

If you are thinking about renting a mini excavator for a big job, consider also renting our 272C wheeled skid steer to lift and move excavated materials more efficiently. You can also rent any of our machines with a dumping trailer, if you choose them as a combo to work together. Contact us at Whonnock Rentals Ltd to find out about effective rental pairings.