301.7 CAT Mini Hydraulic Excavator







CAD$100 Flat rate delivery (each way)

Cat 301.7 Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Look no deeper for a powerful digging machine

When you need a high-performance, heavy-duty piece of machinery for digging, look no further than the 301.7D Cat mini hydraulic excavator. Whether you are landscaping a backyard, or preparing foundations for a new development, the 301.7D can help you improve your productivity and complete your project faster.

Effective Excavation and Cleanup Capability

A powerful digging machine, the 301.7D mini excavator has high bucket and stick forces to perform deep excavations. The dozer float and long dozer option allow you to level and finish dug-up ground, reducing cleanup time.

There are no fuel charges. There is a flat-rate delivery fee of $100 each way. A day rental includes an 8-hour work period. A weekly rental includes a 40-hour work time.

Like the 303.5E2 mini excavator, this model has a compact radius design that allows it to work and move within confined areas. This limits the chances of hitting or damaging fences, walls, or foundations on busy work sites.

When you rent a mini excavator, also consider renting a 272C wheeled skid steer to move your excavated materials. You can also rent any of our machines with a dumping trailer, if you choose them as a combo to work together. To find out more about effective rental pairings, contact us at Whonnock Rentals Ltd.